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I usually expand each log out into it's own channel and then to a separate log file, certainly makes things easier when you are trying to debug specific issues.

So my logging section looks like the following: Thanks for the information.

An update can also stipulate that certain records exist or not exist in the zone as a prerequisite to the update's taking effect.

I am trying to find the perfect logging clause in that would help me enable full-level logs for named service. My current clause is given below, but this generates very minimal logs.

The DNS Client service performs this function for all network connections on the system, including connections that are not configured to use DHCP.

But the issue here is, I have zone files looped within a single folder, for each domain. I doubt that it's actually possible, and standard logging would not give you that level of detail.

Say for, I have around 6 sub-zone files using the INCLUDE clause within the master zone file. BIND loads the zone files into memory on startup so the files themselves are meaningless once it's started, it's just one complete zone.

Nov 12 ps133045 named[14314]: client .42#50135: signer " approved Nov 12 ps133045 named[14314]: client .42#50135: updating zone '': adding an RR at 'client$ Nov 12 ps133045 named[14314]: /etc/bind/zones/zone.jnl: create: permission denied Nov 12 ps133045 named[14314]: client .42#50135: updating zone '': error: journal open fai$ So I figured it was permissions, so to test I gave both /var/named and /etc/bind chmod 666 Didn't help, so I created the file and chmod 600 it and thought that would do, I also did chown bind:bind and root:bind, but I still get the same error in both cases. Now it actually seems to work, here is the DNS chart for resolving client1.currently, which is a A record I just added with nsupdate… Therefore, the nsupdate process cannot write to them either.

Now I can't even restart bind due to this error Nov 12 ps133045 named[21169]: loading configuration from '/etc/bind/named.conf' Nov 12 ps133045 named[21169]: /etc/bind/local:9: open: /var/named/dnskeys.conf: permission denied Nov 12 ps133045 named[21169]: loading configuration: permission denied Nov 12 ps133045 named[21169]: exiting (due to fatal error) drw-rw-rw- 2 root bind 121 Nov 12 . it doesn't resolve in my browser yet but I gotta update my ns4 server first I assume. If you're dynamically updating your DNS, you should store your zone files in /var/lib/bind instead - Apt installer should have already created this directory with the correct permissions and App Armor context.

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