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Sustained media coverage of high profile child sexual abuse cases demonstrate that sexual abuse can happen anywhere – without anyone noticing the signs.

It is also common for those with concerns to not know where to go for help. provides a safe place for people to talk about their concerns and worries.

However, if a single UK question is used then presentation of data for Northern Ireland and the UK should follow order of response categories as per national identity question (b).

Landlines | Mobiles | Special numbers | Overseas | Programmers | Signage Writing phone numbers correctly makes them easier to read and remember, as well as reducing the risk of numbers being misdialled.

This section provides guidance on how national identity data should be presented for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, GB and the UK.

Please note that for presentation of data for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, GB and the UK, the order of response categories should follow that of national identity question (a).

Montgomery conceded that it had been a mistake to appoint him and, in November 1944, Bucknall was given command of Northern Ireland, a post which he held until his retirement.For specific information on individual areas, see the area code listings.There is no set pattern for mobile phone numbers, although it is helpful to break up the number with at least one space for readability.The format 07xxx xxxxxx is probably the most widely used, including by the main mobile phone networks.Freephone, premium rate and other similar numbers starting with 03, 08 or 09 can be written in whichever pattern aids memorability.

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