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This week Radio 4’s In Our Time presented by Melvyn Bragg celebrated its 750th edition with a discussion about the 19th-century mad poet John Clare.The other day they talked about parasites – head lice and hookworms.Of course in my assigned class role as unsporty geek in glasses nobody ever threw the ball at me. And if you did happen to get your hands on the wretched ball you were instantly surrounded by a posse of hysterical creatures waving their arms in your face while you did all that ridiculous swivelling and pivoting. In an alarming report they say that more than 164,000 grown women now play once a week. The BBC “won’t be the Auntie that dispensed culture from on high”, he announces. I want that from the BBC and, yes, I want expertise and elitism.Purnell was talking about the remake of Civilisation, the 1969 series presented by Sir Kenneth Clark, a man who was never knowingly down with the kids.You fear for the poor lamb when he is trapped at the bottom of a scrum, as you would have feared for David Beckham in the same situation. Yes, there was a Bloodgate a few years back, an unsavoury little episode in which a Harlequins player used fake blood bought in a joke shop to simulate injury. If we see a player writhing about on the ground at Twickenham, we assume he is hurt. But the one thing Cipriani is not, unless I have missed it, is a diver.

What is he doing hoofing a ball about Twickenham with men’s men – rugged, uncomplicated types with legs like tree trunks, who eat raw meat for breakfast and wouldn’t know what to do with a tube of hair gel? Everything about the man says show pony, from the ever-changing hairstyles to the model girlfriends – Kelly Brook, Katie Price – to the ongoing love affair with Twitter, elephant trap for the celebrity sportsman. If rugby players as a breed are held in greater respect than their counterparts on the football field, it is because they have spurned the cynical cheating with which football fans have become sadly familiar.But it seems Millie Mackintosh's close pal has since found love with the hunky son of a millionaire – and has been flaunting their relationship all over Instagram.But believe it or not, he's previously dated celebrities such as Bianca Gascoigne, Jodie Marsh and Katie Price.Hats off to Damian Hopley, chief executive of the RPA, for warning that, if unchecked, an increase in football-style diving would “put the game on a precarious course”. Appeals to Corinthian values can sometimes have a rather hollow ring in the 21st century, when television is king and there is so much money at stake.If millionaire bankers are going to bend the rules to their advantage, is it realistic to expect sportsmen to behave any differently?

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Well let’s put it this way: if the Government offered me £17million to play I’d run away screaming. Yet now they were desperate to have a heavy leather ball lobbed at their heads. Outfits such as Sport England, who want us all running and puffing for the sake of our ’elf, like to pretend netball is a sisterly, friendly, inclusive activity. Worse still there is “walking netball” for the older woman… Next thing you know it will be compulsory games on a Wednesday afternoon. About as friendly and inclusive as The Hunger Games. Doesn't your heart sink when the BBC’s new director of strategy James Purnell proclaims an end to elitism? I have thoughtful friends but I don’t look to them for enlightenment and education.

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