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Durant ses études à l'Université d'État de San Francisco, il a décidé de devenir acteur.

I have a family who every day strives to do the right thing.''You intuitively know that another human being on this planet is hurting just as badly as you may be.

You're somebody who holds me high, keeps me safe, you've got my f***in' back. Shailene and her Fault In Our Stars leading man Ansel Elgort were also rumoured to be taking their on-screen romance off-screen (pictured at the GQ Men of the Year party in December)'I was born into a family of warriors, really strong people,' she said.

'It doesn't mean that it was an easy childhood and we didn't have our s*** becasue every family does behind closed doors.

I was on my way to pick up my girlfriend for a party, but instead I went after them.

I knocked some people in the face, but let's just say it was the first time I got my a** kicked.

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Il devrait également rejoindre le casting d'une nouvelle série de Fox Delirium avec Emma Roberts qui a été diffusée en Automne 2013.

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