Glee dating co stars

From the show’s inception, rumors spread about cast members fighting with each another on and off the set.

Naya Rivera, who played August 2010: Co-star couple Naya Rivera and Mark Salling kick things off: Naya is accused of egging and keying Mark's car after finding out he went on a number of dates with other women, according to cast clapped for Lea Michele when she presented at the Grammys.

"There were a few eye rolls from cast members, who shall remain nameless, but Grammy goers around them all took notice of the icy Lea reception," the reporter claims.

May 2012: MTV reports that guest star Lindsay Lohan arrived late to set because she was partying prior to the shoot.

Check out which other movie and TV co-stars weren't exactly BFFs ahead.

From what we know, she did her stuff and we were busy shooting ours.”July 2014: Becca Tobin’s nightclub-owner boyfriend Matt Bendik is found dead in a hotel room, according to TMZ.

In May, she wrote: "Matthew, thank you for bringing such happiness into my life…For making me smile again and bringing such a bright joy into my every day…Thank you for loving me and my family."SOURCE: TWITTER cast member to remember Monteith's birthday.

We think of you always and love you so."It's two years since the actress now lives her new boyfriend, Matthew Peatz, whom she credits with making her happy again.

But probably no one will feel the loss as much as the young actor's 26-year-old girlfriend of two years and "Glee" co-star, Lea Michele.

After being best buds on the "Glee" set since the show's premiere in 2009, the pair finally started dating two years later and never looked back.

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