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Dr Phil January 24 2013 delved into the seedy world of online dating scams to try to find answers for people who had possibly fallen prey to Internet con artists. Dr Phil: Online Dating Deception & Middle Eastern Internet Scammers Dr Phil shared a list of characteristics you can use to detect an online romance scam. Dawn is a woman who wanted desperately to believe that her online boyfriend David was real, despite the numerous red flags, warning signs, and outlandish stories he told her to extract ,000 in seven months.

Tip: Ask them to take a photo holding a unique phrase or their own name on it and send it to you.

Mark says three days after he met “Kelly Smith” on an online dating site, she told him she had a multi-million dollar inheritance in Nigeria, and she needed help getting it to the United States.

“Her father left her [the] deed to property in Nigeria worth about .5 million and goods worth or million,” Mark says.

Fifty-six-year-old widow Sebrina says she’s in love with her boyfriend of one year, “James,” whom she has never met in person and has given more than 0,000. Sebrina says that “James” asked her for money three weeks after they met online, to finance his building projects.

Sebrina’s daughter, Sarah, says she has evidence that her mom is being scammed. Two months after her husband of 14 years passed away in 2012, Sebrina says she met “James Connor” on a dating website. “James called and said he could run out of money for construction materials,” she says. “They don’t have debtor’s prison anymore,” he says.

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Find out the tools he used and the information he uncovered that could help prevent this type of scam from happening to someone else.

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