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You MUST, absolutely, have a 6 inch deep pan of sand (preferably playsand, not something used for building materials) available for her to lay eggs in or she WILL become eggbound and die. Especially if she's gotten big and is hanging out near the bottom of her enclosure.I know that you're not reading this anywhere else, neither did I, and neither was I told by the veterinarian after he took x-rays of that beautiful chameleon that you see me holding on my index page - and I found out too late. Male chameleons have a tarsal spur from the time that they are hatched: Females are missing this spur: Crickets primarily, supplemented with mealworms, superworms, waxworms, butterworms, etc.Writing from the beach in Panama City, Florida during Spring Break, this new research from Hebrew U seems to ring true: that "males with the muscle," get the chicks -- in both the human and insect worlds.According to a new study at an Israeli university, researchers have uncovered a new sustainable pest control technique using "super-sexed" (but sterile- sorry guys) male insects to copulate with female ones. Pest resistance is up, even with the use of nasty chemicals, and they have a serious effect on human health. However, this approach has led to the evolution of resistance to pesticides and has severely negative impacts on human health and the environment. Boaz Yuval at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is now working on upgrading an old approach, known as the sterile insect technique.Most of the time, raising young frogs together in a group will allow for easier selection of pairs (as you have more individuals to compare against each other), as well as presenting a greater chance of getting at least one male and one female.A new super-sex protein jock shake, "A Breakfast of Champions" for fruit flies and mosquitoes, to make them better lovers, and mercenaries of their own race?For years, one thing you could count on at the Super Bowl was sexed-up ads from Web-building and domain-hosting site Go Daddy.When the first ads debuted in 2005, they were a brave, if distasteful, gamble by the company’s founder and then-CEO, Bob Parsons. A decade later, Go Daddy has a new CEO, Blake Irving, with a more businesslike and inclusive mandate.

But it’s unclear whether the campaign has shifted public perception.

The enclosure should be at least 3' x 3' at the base and at least 4' high - 6' high is preferable.

Veiled chameleons sleep at night and should have the lights out.

Nima Kelly has been our general counsel from day one.

The company has always had women in leadership roles, but obviously you would not be able to tell that from the past advertising.

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Care should be taken to only serve insects which have a length that is less than the width of the chameleon's mouth to prevent choking. Chameleons require a full screen enclosure in order to facilitate continual fresh air.

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