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According to Jenni Trent Hughes of e Harmony, men are more likely to marry for companionship and women for a stronger sense of self, offered through a partner's love and support.If we go on this theory, then it would make sense that the majority of men who marry are emotionally available for connection and deeply desire it.After all, "man space" can be frightening and lonely. If you feel like a man's need for space is making you needy and insecure, it could be that you're just dating the wrong men. I would guess that single/dating men would not desire as much together-time in their dating relationships as their female counterparts.However, I think these results would be less correlated to the stage of their relationships than with the type of men who get married.

Translation: He will leave you crying in the night once he's got his.Women spend a discomforting amount of time trying to figure out the weird and wonderful world that exists inside a man’s head.Womankind has matched mankind in intelligence, physical agility, business acumen and balls, but still one area remains as baffling to us as the Bermuda triangle; and that is the male himself.What I would do is offer him a home cooked meal, movie night or to come over for drinks, anything where he doesn't feel obliged to dish out a lot of money. You might have to come right out and ask if something has happened to make him want to distance from you. I don't know how much you're contacting him, but if you're one initiating contact, asking for time then it doesn't allow him to and it comes across as chasing and desperate.Don't mention why, let him discuss his problems if he wants to, chances are he won't and will be happy just forgeting them for a while. Remember, though, whether the answer is good or bad you have a right to know. When he does contact you, be warm and friendly (we're afraid of rejection Shhh! Be independent, confident, humourous, sassy and self sufficient. Something happened or was said that might have turned him off.

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