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LINKS This is a link to a video that one of our clients posted about the dogs and training we provide: PBDVLw Hl U0590S2LAun A This link is to a cool internet magazine that just did a little article about our protection dogs:

Most are trained to enjoy their work, with chasing and grabbing introduced to them as tricks or games that can be played only when the handler (a police officer) gives the appropriate command.

The dog's goal is not to bite to cause injury; it is to grab and hold on to the suspect at all costs, which can cause severe injury to the suspect in the process.

Dogs are reserved by contract ONLY on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

In many jurisdictions, including Maryland, the intentional injury or killing of a police dog is a felony, subjecting the perpetrator to far harsher penalties than the statutes embody in local animal cruelty laws.

In Maryland, an assault on a police dog carries the same penalties, and is prosecuted in much the same manner, as injury or assault on a police officer.

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Our German Shepherd puppies are among the best in the world, with MULTIPLE world champions in their blood line, some being world champions multiple times.

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This means that the dog grabs hard, and a fleeing suspect can be bitten and severely injured when attempting to avoid or fight off a dog.

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