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This field is if you no longer want to use Sound Cloud as a hosting provider, and want to redirect your podcast’s subscribers to a different hosting provider. From there, your RSS feed should function properly again.Please note: This section is only for Podtrac or Blubrry users.When I was on 1.7.3, it worked fine however since the upgrade it has stopped updating. The feed is the client doesn't help and I have tried deleting the region and re-adding but the problem continues.It seems the only thing that gets the region to update properly is by deleting all local files and getting the client to download everything again the next time the client restarts. Cheers Hi, It definitely should work, could please tell us what collection interval and download window start/end you have in display settings?RSS Feeds that save items to a folder that is located within your Exchange mailbox are available from any computer that has Outlook and connects to your Exchange account.Morning all, RSS feed has suddenly stopped updating.

For example, a layout setup like this: Layout A Region 1: Image 1 (10s), Image 2 (10s) Region 2: Text 1 (5s), Text 2 (2s) When that runs, region 1 will show Image 1 then Image 2 because it's the longest running region on the layout.In most cases, you don’t need to change where RSS Feeds are saved.However, one scenario where you might consider changing the location is when you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server account and your mailbox has a small storage limit.Last Updated: November 11, 2015 If an RSS/MRSS feed works when you start up the unit or publish a new presentation, but fails to update at other times, the problem is most likely with the RSS update frequency setting.If your Word Press feeds don’t seem to be updating but remain “stuck” in the past (this can happen particularly after a migration of a site to a new server), enter this snippet into the file of your theme in Word Press: Once this is in place, visit your feed URL in a web browser, then wait (literally) a minute for your RSS feed to update and it should begin working normally.

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