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The alternative is a Share Point solution equivalent to that of Homers BBQ.This post will deal with some of the mechanics of form submission and form publishing.I am writing SMTP functionality into our application and I'm attempting to add SSL functionality to the working SMTP we already have. As I started, my question is really why I'm getting this error at all.I am testing using our company's MS Exchange server and specifically the webmail option enabled on that. If I go to in a browser it shows a valid certificate and there is no option to install the certificate (as I would have done if it were a self-signed one). If there are steps I need to take to install the certificate locally for it to use then I need to know them so I can tell my customers what to do if they get this.

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Updated features included new syntax, modules, classes, classical inheritance, private object members, optional type annotations, and more.

The scope of the ECMAScript 4 changes caused a rift to form in TC-39, with some members feeling that the fourth edition was trying to accomplish too much.

I believe the Exchange server is using Explicit SSL/ TLS. In this case those steps didn't work because the certificates in use were different, and the possibility of this is something I had never come across.

I have tried telnet to the server's address on port 25 and got a text response, human readable response, which according to some of my searches previously means it's using Explicit SSL/ TLS. The solution is either to export the actual certificate from the server and then install it as a trusted certificate on my machine, or to get a different valid/trusted certificate for the SMTP service on the server.

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